Egyptian Television Presents a Cook as a Strategic Analyst

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The New York Times” revealed scandalous news relating to the Egyptian media l, where the newspaper confirmed that there is an Egyptian cook in who works in a restaurant in America, is recently appearing repeatedly through the screens of Egyptian channels and a number of news websites, and presented as a political analyst.


According to the newspaper, the strategic cook, or “strategic analyst”, as claimed by the Egyptian media, is a young man from Menoufia who used to work as an English teacher in Egypt before he left and emigrated to the United States and decided to work in a restaurant.


Hatem El-Gamasy, the cook in the political analyst position finds no contradiction between his job and recording his views according to the events that he has witnessed. The newspaper confirmed that El-Gamasy’s restaurant is the same place where he records his political and analytical reports.


Recently, many ‘fake’ political analysts have appeared on Egyptian television channels, where they participate with visions and opinions in line with the authority in Egypt.

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