France cautious over US evidence of Iranian missiles

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France voiced caution on Friday over US evidence that Iran supplied weapons to Houthi rebels in Yemen that were then fired at Saudi Arabia.


Alexandre Giogini, the French foreign ministry’s deputy spokesperson, refused to comment directly on whether the country saw the evidence against Iran as irrefutable, but said, “The United Nations secretariat has not, at this stage, drawn any conclusions. France continues to examine the information at its disposal.”


The evidence was produced on Thursday at a US airbase, and featured the remains of what US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said was an Iranian short-range ballistic missile fired from Yemen at Saudi Arabia on 4 November. The missile was reported to have been intercepted over King Khaled International Airport, near Riyadh.


Drones and anti-tank weaponry was also on display, which was said to have been found in Yemen by Saudi forces.


The US said that the weaponry was supplied to Yemen’s Houthi rebels by Iran, which it argued would be a violation of international law.


France is currently experiencing a tense relationship with Iran. President Emmanuel Macron recently told Iran to explain its ballistic missile programme and to act less aggressively in the region.


Giogini said that despite concern over the US “evidence”, it was still also concerned at Iran’s development of ballistic weaponry, and urged Tehran to abide by UN Security Council resolution 2231, the deal between Iran and world powers that limited their nuclear programme in exchange for an easing of sanctions.


France will send its foreign minister to Washington on Monday to discuss Iran and to Tehran in January.

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