Gaza women to join PA security

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 The Palestinian minister of civil affairs, Hussein Al Sheikh, announced during a talk show on Palestine TV last month that president Mahmoud Abbas (pictured) has approved Gazan women to join Palestinian Authority security forces.

Sheikh said, “The key to empowerment is security. We want only one security. We want to build a unified Palestinian security ideology under the leadership of the PA.”

Fatah Advisory Council member Major General Serhan Dweikat said that enlisting women in the security forces is needed so that women can intervene in civil issues involving other women.

He said that women security officers would be part of security teams during raids on houses for illegal substances such as drugs, and they will also be assigned to the security of the detention centers of women.

Women between 18 and 25, within certain standards of height, weight and endurance, would be able to apply for such positions.

Dweikat added that the new policy was an attempt to revitalise the security operation in Gaza after 7,000 security force personnel resigned.

Hamas has said that allowing Gazans to enlist in PA security will have no negative impact on reconciliation agreements between itself and Fatah, the dominant force in the PA.

Hamas also said that they are yet to decide what the 15,000 security personnel in Gaza will do after the PA takes control in Gaza. Security meeting yet to be held between leaders to decide the future of security in Gaza, a contentious issue that will be discussed before February next year according to the reconciliation agreement.

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