Morocco to launch first spy satellite

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Morocco is set to join the club of space powers with the expected launch of its first spy satellite next month.

The EO Sat 1 satellite is due to launch on 8 November from French Guiana, it was reported in El Pais.

While there is a large amount of secrecy surrounding the system, it is thought to be a modified version of French spy satellite Pleiades, which can take 500 high resolution images a day.

The satellite could be used for security reasons, notably in the Sahel region. However, there are also concerns that it could monitor military facilities in Algeria and Spain, or be used in the Western Sahara, which currently has a shaky ceasefire with Morocco.

The EO Sat 1 is the first of two satellites to be launched by Morocco, with the second due for launch next year. The total cost of both satellites is thought to be more than half a billion dollars.

It is thought that construction of the satellite systems began in 2013, during a visit by the then prime minister of France, François Hollande.

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