Saudi-led coalition intensified airstrikes on Yemen

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The Saudi-led coalition intensified its air strikes in Yemen on Wednesday morning after the Houthis strengthened their grip on the capital Sana’a following several days of clashes following the killing of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The Arab coalition launched a series of air raids on Houthi sites inside Sana’a and other northern provinces. Residents told Reuters that huge explosions were heard in central Sana’a.

The pro-Houthi Al-Masirah TV said on Wednesday that the coalition had bombed Saleh’s residence and other houses of his family members that are now controlled by the Houthis, besides the provinces of Taiz, Hajjah, Midi and Saada. There was no news on casualty numbers.

Since 2014, Yemen has witnessed a bloody conflict between the Houthis and government forces. The Houthis-Saleh alliance forces took control of Sana’a in September of the same year. The conflict escalated as Saudi Arabia joined the fighting with its military alliance in March 2015.

Clashes broke out on Wednesday between supporters of Saleh and the Houthis, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries.

After supporters of Saleh seized control of areas from the Houthis, the latter retreated in a counter-attack and lost control of additional sites in and around Sana’a.

The clashes have exacerbated the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, where nearly seven million people are approaching famine, while around one million are suspected of having cholera.

The war has already killed more than 10,000 people and displaced millions.


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