Tripoli airport resumes operations after five-day closure

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Mitiga airport in the Libyan capital Tripoli resumed flights on Saturday after they were suspended for five days due to clashes around the facility.

The director of the airport, Lotfi Khalil, said that Buraq Air are now flying to the eastern city of Tobruk and Libyan Airlines to Tunis.

Local state-owned Afriqiyah Airways has been unable to resume flights so far, as their planes were damaged in the fighting.

Clashes took place on Monday that led to the deaths of 20 people and 63 casualties, after militiamen attacked the airport in an attempt to free detainees from a jail there. In response, authorities evacuated the airport.

Flights were diverted to Misrata airport, a city 200 kilometres east of Tripoli.

Mitiga is a former airbase, but has been used as an airport after the main international airport was badly damaged during fighting in 2014.

The UN-backed Government of National Accord condemned the attacks, accusing the militia of trying to free terrorists belonging to Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

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