UN: 32,000 Yemenis displaced over past two months

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The UN refugee agency said on Saturday that 32,000 Yemenis have fled their homes over the past two months due to intensified hostilities.

Two million Yemenis had already been displaced since the beginning of the war in 2015.

The UNHCR issued a statement on Thursday that said, “The arrival of winter in Yemen, when temperatures can dip below zero…across a number of governorates, has worsened the hardship for many, particularly those displaced and living in informal settlements exposed to the elements with little protection against the cold.”

Shabia Mantoo, the agencies spokesperson, said that fighting in Sana’a, Hodeida and Shabwa have driven the displacements.

She posted on Twitter, “We continue to see correlations between intensified hostilities and civilian casualties + displacement.”

The UN has previously said that Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. More than 10,000 people have been killed since 2015, 22 million are in need of emergency humanitarian aid, 8 million are on the brink of famine and 1 million people are infected with cholera.

Saudi Arabia, which is leading a military campaign against Houthi rebels, has attracted international condemnation for its attacks on civilian targets and its use of chemical weapons, such as white phosphorus, against civilians in Sana’a.

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